Weekend house

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Objekt: Holiday House
Number of floors: 1
Location: Moldova, vadul-Lui-Voda.
Plot: a rectangular shape on the side of the river
Lot size: 1344.6 μv
House size: 152.2 μv
Construction: prefabricated metal frame, flat roof
Basic materials: wood, glass, metal
The orientation of the world: the main façade facing East
Beginning of the design: 2012 g
Studio: LINE architects
Author: Dmitriy Petrov

Place building is a 15-minute drive from the city, in a quiet and secluded location on high ground near the river.
One-storey house with a swimming pool and terrace is designed for a family holiday in nature, surrounded by dense vegetation with views of the river.
The façade of the House is surrounded by a fence, and the inner façade in front is open to the mind.
The wooden architecture of the façade continues in the Interior of the House to strengthen the relationship of the exterior and Interior.
House design is a volumetric-spatial composition of three volumes:
In the first volume (the House itself) are the basic premises of the House: living room with open kitchen and dining area, two bedrooms and auxiliary rooms.
In the second volume (partition wall on the north side) is a covered terrace and barns.
The third volume is a canopy for cars.