Piano house

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Object: private house
Number of floors: 1
Location: Moldova, Chisinau
Parcel: flat, trapezoidal shape
Lot size: 550.8 μv
House size: 264.2 μv
Construction: monolithic Ferro-concrete
Basic materials: concrete, wood, glass
The orientation of the world: the main façade facing to the West
Beginning of the design: 2014 g
Studio: LINE architects
Author: Dmitriy Petrov, Lana Lika


One-storey Pavilion of glass, concrete and wood located in the suburbs of Chisinau.
Smooth stretch of trapezoidal shape is surrounded on 3 sides by the residental area, that dictated the shape of the House, but despite this plan forms the inner courtyard of the correct form of the pool over which hovers the design house.
Clear and concise exterior lines flow in the Interior of the House.
The House is spread over much of the area, all the houses are built around a courtyard.
In addition to the common zone in the House three bedrooms of which two babies and one my master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room, as well as auxiliary facilities and a games room.
Space home simply and discreetly.