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Object: Office and commercial building
Location: Moldova, Chisinau
Project: new construction
Beginning of the design: 2013 g
Author: Dmitriy Petrov
Basic materials: metal, glass, concrete, wood
Number of storeys: 5 levels
House area: 640 m2
Parcel: flat
Design: post and beam frame, panoramic Windows, flat roof
Planning and functional solutions:
BASEMENT-exposition of plumbing (Antonio Lupi), exposition of the system of vintelâcii and air conditioning of buildings, exhibition Windows and doors (Sschuco)
First floor-front desk, customer area, meeting room, exhibition of the MDF italia
Second floor-open Office space, bathrooms
THIRD FLOOR-office space of open type, Office management, bathrooms
The FOURTH floor-kitchen-dining room, archive, tehpomeŝeniâ, terrace
Interior trim: wood finishing plaster, drywall, brick

The five storey office building consists of Office and exhibition facilities designed for NERA.
The rsnovu idea is the principle of the “ob″emv” volume. Design of the building is arguably the dominant mood is black color (walls and ceiling) against which the wooden boxes open Office space, on the floor of a white matte laminate.
The first level is placed under the desk, customer area where an exhibition of furniture and Conference room. On the lower level, plumbing Exposition, as well as Windows and doors.
The second and third are the open Office space, while the fourth level is a kitchen-dining room, a sun terrace, and an archive.