Apartment in the lines

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Object: apartment
Location: Moldova, Chisinau
Project: redesign
Beginning of the design: 2009, 2011
Basic materials: wood and Walnut white background
Number of floors: 1
Total size: 146.3 m2
Author: Dmitriy Petrov


Simple and sleek design of individual character is such a task was given to the design of this apartment concept is the main line passing through walls and ceilings throughout, from the entrance to the bedrooms and bathrooms. Geometrizm is not an end in itself, and the design features of the space are complementary to the architectural concept. Living room is starting to be viewed from the entrance and is separated from the input area, walk-in closet, sitting area and a kitchen with a dining room, a bedroom with a clearly delineated its San. node and the wardrobe is a major part of the apartment and has access to both the living room and the kitchen, in the farthest part of the apartment house area apartment designed and built on the principle of passive house, all the walls floor and ceiling insulated to reduce heat loss the microclimate in the apartment easy to predict and provide a temperature profile in each room. In the Interior the two major color chocolate (tree) and milk (all the walls are painted a warm white color), for decoration on the walls of wood and black and white photos with an architectural theme, floor parquet