Angle 40

Object: Apartment
Number of floors: 2
Location: Moldova, Chisinau.
Area: 166 m 2
Basic materials: MDF, wood, glass, stone
Beginning of the design: 2013
Author: Dmitriy Petrov
Duplex apartment with open plan, on the ground floor: entrance group rooms, a living room, a kitchen-dining room and a bedroom for an older child,
on the first floor there is the master bedroom with bathroom and two dressing rooms, as well as a children’s bedroom with en suite bathroom.
The architect was guided by the principles of simplicity and restraint in an effort to create an elegant space for young families.
Only the most necessary items, and built-in storage systems create an atmosphere of pure architectural space, functionalism in all elements.
Open stairs, not only is the connecting element between floors but also is an optional storage location due to the use of the space beneath it.
Dynamic planning scheme of the House (the axis deployed at extreme 40sup0 sup) attached motion static geometry of space.
As the main material used in American Walnut wood finish that adds a warm tone in the overall mood.

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