Eco town


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Characteristic of an entity.
Object: a complex of residences.
Principal materials: steel, wood, glass.
Number of floors: 1; 2. 3.
Area: 6 ha.
Living space: 13320 µV.
Parcel: flat, with a small rise.
Volumetric-spatial solution: three-level fractional helical form.
Features of construction: prefabricated metal frame with a filling of polyurethane foam. sandwich elements (20 cm).
The orientation of the world: the main façade facing South.
Fence: Green hedge.

One of the main themes of contemporary housing design is to offer affordable, economical in use and friendly to the environment. The main task of “green” projects-create a more green environment, increase awareness of own contribution to air emissions, the sustainability of our future. This project is based on three key issues: environmental, economic and social, of their end-to-end solution should show a new approach to the appearance of the urban environment. Modern housing is aimed at attracting people to solve the housing problem. allows you to not only provide the family house meets her needs, traditions and tastes, but also contributes to the Organization of leisure, education of children, strengthening the ties between generations, as well as comfortable and healthy living conditions, with modern architectural developments and trends. The comfort is ensured with all possible components: Ecology, sound ergonomics as the planning of the residential complex as a whole, and each of the households in particular, sufficient infrastructure and acceptable and uniform environment the social environment. The excessive need for human resource requirements and cost, more and more makes us think about the use of renewable sources of energy. Today, one of the areas of implementation of the energy-saving policy of many countries is the development of technologies for the use of alternative energy sources. Thus the tandem of architectural solutions and eco technologies aimed at maximizing the use of renewable resources can significantly reduce the costs of electricity, heating, water heating, air conditioning. Practical implementation of eco technologies in the early stages is not cheap. However, according to calculations, big capital expenditures will pay off rapidly due to low operating costs. That is an eco-home is a long-term and very solid investment. Eco-homes is a new kind of suburban housing combines two concepts which are based on aesthetics and ecology. They are connoisseurs of modern architectural trends, which excites and environment, and ergonomics, and well-developed social environment.       Place building is located in the suburbs of Chisinau in 5 minutes on hynčeštskomu highway in the South-West, in ecologically clean area on the banks of Dančenskogo reservoir. Hincesti highway is now one of the main areas where is actively developing country construction. It offers good transport accessibility and reasonable environmental conditions, since in this area there is little production. Ecological state of development is coordinated with the transport accessibility. Favorable meteorological regime, clean air, rich in vegetation, make you forget everyday problems and feel the harmony and beauty of the environment. Construction of the base schema is a spiral form which emphasizing the coastline consisting of blocked and detached houses designed in such a way as to optimize the absorption of solar energy-the main “circulatory system” of the entire complex, thus saving electricity for lighting and heating energy required for the district will be obtained primarily from renewable energy sources. For this purpose will be built vetrogeneratornaâ farm. When designing houses and passive house concept: which implies a very strong warming of walls of a House, especially a warm design of Foundation, unusual window mount, triple glazed Windows filled with nizkoèmisionnym gas (argon), high degree of thermal insulation of the roof, the installation of mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery system of underground ducts.  All this is aimed at reducing operating costs to a minimum and, in the future the complex will be able to even give energy to the network of the complex is designed in the style of industrial minimalism. all home ownership are prefabricated, that simplifies and speeds up construction that reduces the cost of the project. The complex consists of 54 homes, 7 were developed taking into account the needs of apartment options and family composition of the population. The complex provides companies and institutions services , children’s playgrounds, recreation area, waterfront, Yacht Club and Club House.